Overwatch release

  • Adding overwatch API calls
  • Adding overwatch live channels


  • Adding team key in games hash (with the team color in game).
  • Adding API calls shortcuts to get past, running and upcoming matches. See in the documentation.

Major updates

  • Releasing beta pricing, see the pricing page.
  • Releasing Dota 2 REST and live API.
  • Adding a live reference for Dota2 and Lol, with frames specification and examples.
  • Adding a finished and winner_id field in live lol frames.
  • Connecting to a live endpoint sends an information payload with the hello message.
  • The live endpoints should now be open earlier (from 10 minutes to one hour before a match)


  • Adding image_url and url to league objects in /matches and /tournaments calls
  • Cleaned up a lot of minor leagues without series
  • Cleaned up a lot of strange matchups on League of Legends (some BO3 have been won 1 - 1 because a team surrended)
  • filters on dates (ex: filter[begin_at]=2017-06-22) now works only in UTC, and only with dates (not times). in filter[begin_at]=2017-06-22T14:22:54Z, the T14:22:54Z part will not be interpreted.
  • Adding videogame attribute on tournaments.


  • Lol item price is now set to null instead of 0 when item isn't purchasable.
  • A match (/matches) now includes information about it's belonging tournament, serie, league and videogame.
  • A tournament (/tournaments) now includes information about it's belonging serie and league.
  • A serie (/series) now includes information about it's league.
  • On lol games and players stats (/lol/games and /lol/players/:player_id/stats), the players/games objects have now a player_id and game_id attribute, instead of an unclear id attribute.
  • Team's players (/teams) have now additional attributes: image_url, name, first_name, last_name
  • Lol champions stats (/lol/champions) are now floats.
  • On lol player's stats (/lol/players/:player_id/stats), last_games now includes the game_id, and includes the match_id in a game object.
  • On matches (/matches), opponents attributes are smaller, and image attribute for match opponents is now image_url.
  • Adding a current_team and current_videogame fields to players (/players), which returns respectively the last team the player played a match with, and the videogame played on this match.
  • Adding a current_videogame fields to teams (/teams), which returns the videogame last played by the team.
  • Renaming start attribute of series by begin_at, and in a general way, all incoming fields representing a start and an end will be called begin_at and end_at.


  • Fixing unreachable image urls.
  • Dates are now in UTC, will always follow the iso8601 format (ex: '2017-06-18T16:36:00Z') and will always include a timezone.
  • Fixing sorting, searching and filtering issues on /lol/* api calls.

  • Opening live API in restricted alpha. Documentation is available here:, and avilable live endpoints are here:
  • Dropping API v1 support, /v2/ endpoints are now also scoped on default (/).
  • Videogames, leagues, series, tournaments, matches, teams and players are now generic and shares the same structure between games.
  • Supported videogames for Leagues are: Smash, LoL, Hearthstone, CS:GO, CoD, HotS, Dota 2, SCII, OW, SMITE, WoW, FIFA16, HoN.
  • All index routes can now be filtered with the filter parameter. For example, to get only the league with the **LCK** name, GET /leagues?filter[name]=LCK.
  • All index routes can now be sorted with the sort parameter. For example, to sort the leagues by name, GET /leagues?sort=name.
  • Adding Link and pagination headers (X-Page, X-Per-Page and X-Total)
  • Adding granularity in games, for League of Legends (/lol/games and /lol/games/:id):
    • Champions names and images
    • Items names and images when available
    • Masteries names and images when available
    • Runes names and images when available
    • Spells names and images when available
  • Adding performance stats per player, for League of Legends, with games_count and averages:
    • /lol/players/:player/stats: for each serie (ex: /players/cuvee/stats).
    • /lol/series/:serie_id/players/:player/stats: Return all the stats for the requested serie.
    • /lol/tournaments/:tournament_id/players/:player/stats: Return all the stats for the requested tournament (ex: /lol/tournaments/worlds-the-2016-world-championship-elimination/players/cuvee/stats).

  • More detailed MatchList
  • Get N match
  • More Length
  • You can now check some basic info of the games inside a match in the matchList query!
  • Select in the matchList query the number of match your willing to handle.
  • Game length is finally set

Minor fixes:

  • We added support for Dota 2 major tournaments. We will add more and more tournaments in the future. Stats are quite deep already ;)
  • How the hell could you follow PandaScore's evolution without a changelog?!
  • A bunch of small fixes have been done.

API Launch

  • New Documentation.
  • The addition of League of Legends and FIFA 16 games with schedule and match detailed stats. Plus an advanced tournament schedule on many...many e-sports.
  • Simple and clear documentation detailed view of the JSON response.
  • A bunch of bugs may be hidden, capture them all and add them to your Pokemon trainer collection...