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Competitions we cover and statistics we provide for each plan
We guarantee the same standard of information for all of our supported leagues.

Supported leagues

Fixture statistics

Available in the free plan, get started for free

Competition Structure
Global information

  • League info (name, image)
  • Serie info (begin date, season, year)
  • Tournament details (name, begin date, end date, winner, teams, players)
  • Match schedule (winner)

Team info
For all teams

  • Name
  • Acronym
  • Logo

Player info
For all players

  • Name
  • Real name
  • Current team
  • All teams (for which player has played)

Static data
Dota 2 specific

  • Heroes
  • Abilities
  • Talents
  • Items

Historical data statistics

Available in the Historical Data plan, at 150€ per month, per videogame .

Game stats
Global stats on the game

  • Begin date
  • Position In the match best-of (Ex: 2 in best-of 3)
  • Game length (in seconds)
  • Status Started, running, or finished ?
  • Winner (at end of each game)

Team stats
For each team in the game

  • Name, acronym, and id
  • Faction (Dire or Radiant)
  • Current score In the current best-of (Ex: 2 in best-of 5)

Player stats
For each player in the game

  • Name and id
  • Hero (name, id and image url)
  • Last hits / Denies (creep score)
  • Level / XP (xp per minute)
  • Kills / Deaths / Assists (hero, tower, barracks)
  • Items (name, id, image url)
  • Damage / Heal (taken, hero, tower)
  • Gold (per minute, spent, remaining)
  • Wards (purchased, used, destroyed)

Live statistics

Available in the Live plan, starting at 500€ per month, per videogame .

General stats
About the current game

  • Is the game finished ?
  • Winner (at end of each game)
  • Current timestamp (ingame)

Team stats
For each team in the current game

  • Name, acronym, and id
  • Picks & Bans
  • Current score (best of score)
  • Number of towers (remaining)
  • Number of barracks (remaining)

Player stats
For each player in the current game

  • Name and id
  • Level
  • Hero (name and id)
  • Lasts hits / Denies (creep score)
  • Kills / Deaths / Assists