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Supported leagues

Fixture statistics

Available in the free plan, get started for free

Competition Structure
Global information

  • League info (name, image)
  • Serie info (begin date, season, year)
  • Tournament details (name, begin date, end date, winner, teams, players)
  • Match info

Match info
For all tournaments

  • Name
  • Begin date
  • Status Has the match started, is it over ?
  • Results (if the game is finished)
  • Opponents
  • Lol version
  • Number of games
  • Games (length, begin date, status, winner)

Team and Player info
For all teams and players

  • Name
  • Team Acronym
  • Team Logo
  • Player real name
  • Player current team

Static data
League of legends specific

  • Champions
  • Items
  • Spells
  • Runes
  • Masteries

Historical data statistics

Available in the Historical Data plan, at 150€ per month, per videogame

Team game stats
For each team in the game

  • Name, acronym
  • Color (blue side or red side)
  • Current score In the current best-of (Ex: 2 in best-of 5 )
  • First blood Did the team get first blood ?
  • First tower Did the team get first tower ?
  • First inhibitor Did the team get first inhibitor ?
  • First baron Did the team get first baron ?
  • First dragon Did the team get first dragon ?
  • Towers destroyed
  • Inhibitors destroyed
  • Baron kills
  • Dragon/Vilemaw kills

Player info
For all players

  • Birthday

Player game stats
For each player in the game

  • Name
  • Champion (name, id and image url)
  • CS (creep score, number of neutral monsters killed)
  • Level, kills, deaths, assists
  • Items (name, id and image url)
  • Wards placed and bought
  • Largest series (largest critical strike, killing spree and multi kill)
  • Kills counters (players, inhibitors, neutral minions, turrets, wards...)
  • First blood / tower / inhibitor / drake Did the player get the first blood / tower / inhibitor ?
  • Raw stats Total, physical, true and magic damage. Heal amount, etc...

Player overall stats
Globally, in a serie, a tournament or in a best-of

  • Tournaments played
  • Number of games played per serie/tournament
  • Kill averages per serie/tournament
  • Death averages per serie/tournament
  • Assist averages per serie/tournament
  • Minions killed average per serie/tournament
  • Most picked champions (top 5) per serie/tournament
  • Most picked items per favorite champion
  • Last 5 played games

Team overall stats
Globally, in a serie, a tournament or in a best-of

  • Games count per serie/tournament
  • Winrate ratio per serie/tournament
  • Percentage of first blood, tower, inhibitor, baron and dragon per serie/tournament
  • Average towers, inhibitors, barons, dragons and herald kill per serie/tournament
  • Average gold earned per serie/tournament
  • Average kills, deaths, assists per serie/tournament
  • Average total minions killed, wards placed per serie/tournament
  • Most picked and banned champions per serie/tournament
  • Last five games

Live statistics

Available in the Live plan, starting at 500€ per month, per videogame

General stats
About the current game

  • Is the game finished ?
  • Winner (if the game is finished)
  • Current timestamp (ingame)
  • Is the game paused ? Pro Live

Replay data
Via the REST API

  • Minute-per-minute frames of past matches
  • Event feed of past matches

Team stats
For each team in the current game

  • Name, acronym
  • Current kills
  • Current score
  • Current gold
  • Towers destroyed
  • Inhibitors destroyed
  • Baron kills
  • Drake kills
  • Herald kill Pro Live

Player stats
For each player in the current game

  • Name
  • Team
  • Champion (name, id, image url)
  • Role (top, jungle, midlaner, ad-carry or support)
  • HP (remaining hit points) Pro Live
  • CS (creep score, number of neutral monsters killed)
  • Level
  • Kills
  • Deaths
  • Assists
  • Current items (id, name, image url) Pro Live
  • Summoner spells (id, name, image url)

Event feed
Pro Live
Play by play for each game. Get events when they occur, in real time.

  • Kills
  • Suicides
  • Towers
  • Inhibitors
  • Rift Herald
  • Nashors
  • Drakes
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