Supported videogames

We guarantee the same standard of informations for all our supported leagues.

Advanced statistics

Game stats
Global stats on the game

  • Begin date
  • Position in the match best-of
  • Game length (in seconds, if the game is finished)
  • Finished Is the game finished ?
  • Winner (if the game is finished).
  • Map (name, id and image).
  • Round number

Player & teams stats
For each teams & players in the game

  • Name, id and image
  • Team name, id and image
  • Heroes (name and id of all played during the game)
  • Ultimates
  • Kills
  • Deaths

Live statistics

General stats
About the current game

  • Current round
  • Current map and mode
  • Is the game finished ?
  • Winner (if the game is finished)

Team stats
For each teams in the current game

  • Name, acronym and id
  • Current score in the current BO

Player stats
For each players in the current game

  • Name and id
  • Team
  • Hero (name and id)

Supported leagues

The OW League

Missing a league ?

If you want a particular league which is not supported

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