Supported videogames

Competitions we cover and statistics we provide for each plan
We are covering all Tier 1 Valorant competitions including international tournaments. If you’d like a detailed list of all our Valorant coverage please reach out to our sales team.

Fixture statistics

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Competition Structure
Global information

  • League info (name, image)
  • Serie info (begin date, season, year)
  • Tournament details (name, begin date, end date, winner, teams, players)
  • Match info

Match info
For all tournaments

  • Name
  • Begin date
  • Status Has the match started, is it over ?
  • Results (if the game is finished)
  • Opponents
  • Number of games
  • Games (length, begin date, status, winner)

Team and Player info
For all teams and players

  • Name
  • Team Acronym
  • Team Logo
  • Player real name
  • Player current team
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