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Normalized API

Clean and standardized API about players or teams, matches and tournaments for every supported game.

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Real-time data

Powered by our artificial intelligence technology, we ensure that our data stays up-to-date even throughout the course of matches.


Technical Standard

300ms stream latency.
More than 100 data points.
Huge competition coverage.

Providing data on the most active esports scenes


League of Legends
historical data
basic live
pro live

Get all the necessary data on League of Legends esport leagues, like the World Championship, NA LCS, LCK, LPL, EU LCS and more, with a live data stream, the latest static data (champions, items), match history etc...


Dota 2
historical data
basic live

Get a real time, high accuracy data stream on The International, Major and Minor leagues, matches, and access to a huge pool of historic data, static data (items, heroes...), esports teams, players, matches etc...


historical data
basic live

Get live data on Overwatch League matches, and access to the match planning, past games details, static data, esports teams, players, matches etc...

One API to rule them all

Using artificial intelligence and editors APIs, we collect and normalize data from the safest sources to make it available into one single API.


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