Jun 5, 2024

Sofascore x PandaScore – a match made in heaven for a perfect score

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Living up to their slogan “For all sports. Sports for all”, Sofascore understands the integral role of esports on their platform. Celebrating over four years of partnership with PandaScore (🎉), Sofascore has become an esport market leader in the live score app category. Being one of the biggest global live score sports apps, they explained why they invested big in esports:  

Passion among fans in esports tournaments is the same as the one in soccer tournaments and matches. That is why we chose to give the same amount of attention to esports fans, like we give to all other sport fans around the world, no matter the sport!’’  Toni Jermaniš, VP of Data Operations. 

With close to one million users engaging with at least one esports event on the platform each week, the popularity of esports at Sofascore is undeniable. Thanks to the collaboration with PandaScore, Sofascore covers major Counter-Strike, DotA2, and League of Legends events. From pre-match analysis to in-game updates and detailed post-game statistics, Sofascore knows how to keep fans engaged at every turn. 

“Data is very consistent, with no bugs or errors that could result in problems on our side. The API documentation is great, shortening development time, it is understandable and is covering everything we need. Also, historical data are very accessible, they help us fill out the blanks. PandaScore support team is also deserving all the praise, they are very cooperative and helpful.” – Adrian Brajković, developer at Sofascore working on esports. 

So, how does Sofascore do it? It begins with pre-game data. Leveraging PandaScore’s pre-game statistics, fans gain access to vital match and tournament information, including head-to-head scoring, past matches of opponents, and current tournament standings. Utilising pre-game data, users can make informed predictions of the match winner, setting themselves apart on the global predictor list. 

Sofascore keeps fans apprised of the happenings in-game via PandaScore’s WebSocket feeds, displaying detailed team and player statistics in sync with one of the fastest available live streams. Powered by PandaScore's Basic Live plan, the in-game statistics guarantee fan immersion in every moment of the action.

Once a game ends, the platform incorporates data from PandaScore’s post-game endpoints, adding even more statistics for players and teams and giving fans an overview of in-game performance. With this information at their fingertips, users can engage with the esports community via chat segments, diving into match discussions, assessing team strategies, and celebrating standout performances.

Sofascore’s in-game and post-game statistics for Counter-Strike.

With Sofascore, fans gain access to up-to-date scores and in-depth insights that elevate their Esports experience to new heights. The platform's integration of PandaScore’s data has transformed it into a one-stop shop for esports enthusiasts. Sofascore is dedicated to its partnership with PandaScore to enhance the fan experience even further. More exciting updates coming soon! GG 🤝.