ESPORTS doesn’t have to be A STEP Into the dark

PandaScore’s esports betting whitepaper is here to provide all the building blocks you’ll need to build a profitable esports betting product – just one download away.

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What you’ll find in our whitepaper

From integration and data through to risk management, customer engagement, sustainability and safer gambling. Information for every part of the esports betting value chain.

  1. 1

    The nuts and bolts

    1. Esports integrations of all shapes and sizes
    2. Innovative solutions to esports risk management
    3. How we overcome the data disconnect
  2. 2

    Cracking the customer engagement code

    1. Building meaningful connections where esports fans live
    2. 2021 in esports betting and how to market in 2022
  3. 3

    Safer gambling and compliance

    1. Building a sustainable future through esports
    2. Regulation and safer gambling in US esports betting
    3. It’s not just a young person’s game: Age compliance in esports

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